Site Clearance Services

  • Flail mowing
  • Tree shear
  • Root raking
  • Excavation works
  • Removal of garden sheds
  • Removal of garden debris
  • Removal and filling of unwanted ponds
  • Removal of brick walls, patios and paths
  • Removal of tree stumps using stump grinder
  • Removal of fencing
  • Soft landscaping such as turfing, pathways, raised flower/vegetable beds etc.

Tree Shear

Tree Shear is highly effective and can be utilized for larger projects, such as cutting down tall trees in large quantities with ease and performing the popular tree maintenance technique known as pollarding.

Flail Mowing

Flail mowing is an effective method for trimming and maintaining overgrown areas. It involves using a powerful rotary cutter, known as a flail, which can easily break down thick braken and other tough vegetation.

Slate stone around shrubbery

Our durable and sophisticated slate stone is perfect for landscaping. Choose our slate for an elegant garden or patio design.

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